Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge


Note for mixing plant operators:

● When the equipment is repaired, the main power supply should be turned off and a warning sign should be hung up.

● Be careful when importing the mix ratio, and pay more attention to whether the additive input is correct for the mix ratio with special requirements. After the new ratio is added, it must be carefully reviewed and confirmed before starting production.

● Always pay attention to whether the working voltage is stable, whether the three-phase power is missing phase, and whether the voltage meets the requirements.

● Observe whether the air compressor air pressure is within the specified range at any time.

● Keep a clear mind during production and be able to make accurate judgments and decisive handling of abnormal situations.

● If there is a large error in weighing and batching during production, first check whether the system parameter settings are correct. After checking and troubleshooting, the production can continue to ensure that the quality of the concrete is not affected.

● Observe the current change of the ammeter during production, and control the slump of the concrete and check whether the equipment is overloaded through the observation of the current.

● During the mixing process, if the machine needs to be shut down for a long time due to power failure or special circumstances, the concrete in the mixing tank should be discharged first and rinsed with water to prevent the concrete from agglomerating and solidifying.

● When the equipment is not in use, clean and clean the equipment and site, turn off the main power supply, and lock the control cabinet.

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