Common Problem

Common Problem


1. The lubricating oil pump of the mixing main engine (the lubricating oil pump mainly supplies lubricating grease to the shaft head seal) in winter, use NLGL00# fluid lubricating grease, and summer use NLGLO# fluid lubricating grease. The oil must be refueled from the oil inlet filter. Avoid dirt, dust, and stones from contaminating the grease. Experience tells us that it is best to equip a high-pressure air pump grease gun for filling, filling once every 4 hours, filling until you can see the grease flowing out of the shaft end.


2. The mixing host cannot be started: check whether the air compressor has started, whether the air pressure has reached 0.8MPa, and whether the emergency stop button has been reset. The air compressor needs to drain water once a day at the submarine bolt drain. 7.5KW scroll Lianli air compressor and 11KW Shanghai Xinqiao air compressor need to use 32# scroll machine special oil. It is strictly forbidden to mix or replace other brands of oil , (The first 500 hours of operation to replace, and then every 1000 hours of operation to replace).


3. The powder tank spiral reducer does not move, and the motor rotates normally. This is mainly caused by the powder entering the spiral reducer; the reducer is stuck or the gear is worn: the reason is that the spiral reducer has a relatively hidden rubber plus The nozzle is not frequently filled with butter or HLGL grease, which causes the powder to enter the shell from the shaft end (required to be filled every 4 hours).


4. Analysis of the reasons why the powder tank does not discharge:

1. The gas arch breaking device is invalid, and the powder has agglomerated and cannot be dropped;

2. The gas path has not been drained for a long time (the air compressor is not drained frequently, and the air storage tank is not drained frequently), which causes water and steam to enter the powder tank from the air breaker, and the powder agglomerates and cannot be discharged.

3. The butterfly valve is not fully opened or the appearance indicates that it is in the open position. The actual butterfly valve is closed. At this time, you need to slowly open the butterfly valve flange and slowly clean the agglomeration with steel brazing;

4. There are small agglomerates or foreign objects stuck in the screw machine, and it is necessary to open the screw machine observation hole in time to clean it out;

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