The Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference will be held in Beijing in September

The reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference on the 1st that the 3rd Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and Top 50 Summit will be held in Beijing on September 21, 2015. Qi Jun, chairman of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the organizer of the summit, stated in Beijing on the 1st that although the world construction machinery industry is still in the downward range in the past two years, Chinese construction machinery manufacturers are actively promoting transformation and upgrading, fully expanding overseas markets, and promoting internationalization. strategy.

Machinery manufacturing: Robot 13th Five-Year Plan or released in October 19 shares recommended

Report points The overall view of the machinery industry: In 2015, we are optimistic about the three main investment lines: reform dividends (state-owned enterprises, land reform, low altitude), transformation and upgrading (industry 4.0, robots (300024, stocks)), high-end exports (rail transit, nuclear power).

Sanli equipment, best-selling in Africa

With the in-depth advancement of the "One Belt One Road" initiative, Chinese companies interact with the African market more and more frequently. Changsha Sanli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the "Belt and Road", and the overall industrial layout is highly consistent with the "Belt and Road" area, and the internationalization process is closely following the industry.

AIA cooperation helps Sanli's overseas business

Accompanied by General Manager Yang Wen, the delegation visited Sanli's structural parts and assembly workshop, carefully listened to and understood the manufacturing process, assembly process and technical requirements of Sanli series products.
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